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Every year, Tucson sees hundreds of thousands of visitors interested in everything the Sonoran Southwest has to offer. Among these offerings include integrative approaches to medicine. An integrative approach means traditional medical treatment in combination with holistic treatments based on everything from strictly scientific principles of supplementation to more ancient methods like Traditional Chinese Medicine, ancient herbs, to energetic bodily health principles from acupuncture to Reiki. Tucson and surrounding Arizona cities stand out in the country as some of the top locations for such treatments; with the “mystical” history of the desert likely attracting such methods. So, what Tucson alternative therapies are available?A picture of the sunset in the Sonoran Desert

One of the most well-known locations is the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. Located at the University of Arizona, the namesake is that of Andrew Weil the alternative medicine advocate made famous through his television appearances on Oprah and other daytime shows, eventually becoming one of the world’s leading advocates of alternative therapies. Doctors at this center specialize in: allergic diseases, asthma, immunologic and rheumatologic disordrers, heart disease, fertility, menopause-related disorders, and integrative approaches to cancer.

Tucson, of course, has a huge selection of other integrative medicine and alternative therapy centers. A few more that come to mind include Genesis Natural Medicine Center and Thrive Life Center. Some of the popular therapies being performed lately include IV ozone therapy, IV vitamin therapies, hyperbaric chamber therapies, and chelation therapy. The advocates of IV treatments have claimed benefit for everything from cancers to autoimmune conditions and chronic fatigue disorders.

Holistic Resorts

An integrative medical approach often includes multiple areas of exploration, including connecting with nature, disconnecting from the hustle and bustle–via meditation, activities, coaching and counseling, and one’s diet. Tucson alternative therapies represent some of the best options for these strategies, which can be discovered via some of the most world-recognized holistic resorts in or around the city of Tucson.

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Canyon Ranch, located on the eastern edge of the city, is an integrative wellness resort that focuses on a multifold approach of nutrition, daily activities, meditation, holistic spa therapies, and assistance by renowned physicians. Canyon Ranch even features routine lectures / speaking events by innovative thinkers in various disciplines, under the greater umbrella of wellness. At A-Run Transportation, we’ve heard many excellent stories about people’s experiences at Canyon Ranch over the years, and we often provide pickups directly from the airport to the resort; as well as additional services so visitors of Canyon Ranch can experience other sights as well during their stay in Tucson.

When planning a visit to explore Tucson alternative therapies and clinics, it’s wise to really take time out to experience the therapeutic nature of the outdoors and the tranquility of the desert–which includes enjoying sunsets over the Saguaro National Park or even a drive up Mt. Lemmon for fresh air and experiencing varied climactic conditions. One place visitors frequently book is Tanque Verde Guest Ranch where you can explore the desert via horseback expeditions.

While most cities offer alternative therapies and treatments, Tucson is special due to the surroundings, and you don’t need to book at any resort or ranch if you feel the dry fresh air and desert “powers” may help cure your conditions. Simply taking a drive out to the state parks and finding a few meditation points can do a lot of good. One place often visited for these purposes is the multi-denominational Sanctuary Cove on the Northwest Side.

In Summary

Arizona’s long history of health and wellness could be of great benefit to anyone suffering from chronic issues. At A-Run Transportation, a good percentage of our customers arrive every week to take advantage of some element of health and healing. The advantage with our service is we can create an ideal tour of the city and surrounding areas–finding idealized points in nature for meditation, fitness activities, or just getting extremely fresh air while experiencing a unique climate. You can book your experiences with us right away by calling 520 878-8029, or send us an e-mail through our contact form. We look forward to showing you everything Southwestern Arizona has to offer.